Hello! You had arrived at Khairudin Jalaludin's photo depository.

My first photo was taken 1980 when my dad loaned me his Yashica Lynx 14e rangefinder ( during my school days. The camera is still with us, fungus and all. We still keep it for the memories. If anyone can recommend me someone who can service it somewhere in Malaysia or Singapore, drop me an email.

My dad had a Pentax ME (, which he treasured. I remembered at one time I had carelessly placed his Pentax fitted with a 200mm zoom lens at the back of our car. During the long drive the zoom lens broke. I remembered the lecture I got after that, I also remembered on how to place and keep the camera as he taught me after the sounding off.

I bought my first camera while attending the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1991. It was a second hand Olympus OM101 (, this was the manual version of the OM707 Auto-focus. It had a 'power focus' dial in replace of the camera's AF function. I still have it, and only use it once in a while.

Presently, my primary camera is the Canon 5D MkII. This is my 6th Canon after the 750, 66, IX, 350D, 400D and the 40D.

Another addition to the arsenal is my go-everywhere Lumix GF1 and the GX1.

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I had enjoyed taking them.

I appreciate comments regarding the pictures that I took.